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Tip of the Month
The golf ball only knows one thing and that is the contact with the club face. Many successful golf swings have different positions through the swing, but at the moment of impact when the club head strikes the ball there are common positions exhibited repeatedly by world-class players in every impact position:

For a right-handed golfer
  1. The left arm is more extended than bent.
  2. The left wrist is flat (not cupped).
  3. The body weight is favoring the left side.
  4. The right elbow is pointing toward the right hip joint.
  5. The left arm and club shaft are in a straight line or the hands are slightly ahead of club. The club is never ahead of the arms and hands.
All that leads up to or follows the impact, either detracts from or contributes to this moment of truth. The goal is to eliminate as many compensating moves as possible to get to this position consistently.

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